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A circuit breaker specialist who analyzes the needs of his customers by researching, designing, manufacturing and marketing low voltage switchgear products and solutions for the industrial, energy, solar and railway markets.


As an innovative and customer - oriented company, Telergon is strongly committed to research and development as well as a tool for advancing the future of industry. Thus, the company offers a wide range of standard products, but also the possibility to adapt them to specific requirements.


Telergon's expertise has more than 65 years of experience, which, together with the involvement of highly qualified specialists, has enabled the company to market its products in more than 80 countries, always offering the best service and working to the strictest quality standards.


HT Hi Tech Polymers Oy is a long-standing Finnish manufacturer of polymer products, operating in Sastamala, Finland. Hitech Polymers' polymer products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. These include V-0 refractory products, hollen-free, and electrically conductive and non-conductive products.


The raw materials used are: EPDM, No., CR, Silicone, NB, SBR and others.


In addition to their own products, which are mainly multi- and single bushings, HT Hitech Polymers is also a very strong partner in the development of special solutions and special products. The technical support they provide and the intelligent use of production processes always make the price of the product competitive.


Industrilas AB, based in Nässjö, Sweden, specializes in the production and resale of industrial locks, hinges, seals and special solutions. They offer a wide range of standard products as well as a large number of customer-based solutions and products.


Thanks to the integration of vertical production management, Industrila controls the entire process, from design and production to surface treatment and product assembly.

Industrial locking systems, hinge solutions and edge protection and sealing profiles are unique, so they require precise knowledge.


Therefore, it is important that we are experts in the areas where our products are used.


With Bäcker, you can entrust your project to specialists. The Bäcker name has been synonymous with the development and production of high-quality plastic solutions in Germany for more than 40 years. The


Their products combine the best quality, comfortable functionality and pleasant design. Bäcker can help you, also in developing a special solution for your application.


Katko manufactures all available safety switches, load switches and terminals in their own production facilities in Finland and Poland .

The high level of automation is part of Katko DNA, which ensures a consistent level of quality in their products. Katko's flexible and adaptable production philosophy facilitates the production of even smaller batches without competition. In addition, we are ready to offer our customers more products tailored to their needs, thanks to Katko's motivated and professional staff. They employ about 120 people, two thirds of whom are in Finland.

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LSP specializes in the development and production of surge arresters, lightning rods, earthing parts and accessories.

We offer either a full range of 1-3. type of protection devices for low voltage systems according to EN 61643-11 / IEC 61643-11 or surge arresters for information technology, measurement and control and telecommunications.

Our products offer protection against lightning and technological overvoltage and ensure the safe and trouble-free operation of equipment, machinery and electrical equipment in industry, transport, telecommunications, data centers, office buildings and households.


PLASTIM ELEKTRIK was established in 2008 and today it is one of the leading manufacturers of ABS plastic shells, shield heating and cooling in Turkey. PLASTIM currently exports to more than 50 countries worldwide.


Its product range has also been constantly expanded to meet the different requirements of its customers. Its main goal is to provide customers with the best service to meet their industrial needs. To achieve this goal, Palstim is always stepping up its research and development activities so that new high - quality products can be added to its portfolio.


Since the beginning of 1959, we have accumulated 60 years of uninterrupted experience, which helps customers to the finished product.


All products are fully developed by our specialized technicians, developing technologies, processes and equipment. Standard and special solutions are available. We are committed to working closely with our customers to provide quality, customized products and prompt delivery.

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The MARKER company is a production and trading company, thanks to our many years of experience, we satisfy the customer's needs in the field of wire and cable marking. We operate in the channel of automation, industrial automation, maintenance and broadly understood energy.

We offer comprehensive solutions, we present additional benefits, including alternative solutions tailored to the individual customer. Our basic supplier base are domestic producers, therefore our goal is to provide customers with goods of the highest quality and we care about the aesthetics of our products, we operate based on the best raw materials.

We establish close cooperation with installers and automation engineers, which enables us to precisely define specific customer needs and introduce new solutions. Thanks to the observation of the market and customer needs, we constantly expand our commercial offer and improve the quality of services.

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Elkat Company Sp. Z o. o. Sp.k. is a producer of top-quality components used for low voltage devices (up to 1kV according to technical standards IEC 60947) with nearly two decades of experience.


The company focuses on manufacturing insulated comb busbars along with distribution and universal blocks suitable for usage mainly in switchgears.
Elkat’s first manufacturing line originated as a family project commissioned in the year 2003 in response to high market demand. Ever since that moment we have ensured to take care about the product quality and user safety, meaning :
     we have obtained all the necessary certificates,
        we collaborate only with spoolers who meet our rigorous quality standards,
        all of the prefabricated products are made in Europe,
        we only use materials of the highest quality,
        quality control is performed constantly.

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