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KU switches.JPG

KU series load switches 16-125A

Ku 160A.JPG

KU series load switches and change-over switches 100-160A

Katko KVKE-1024x1024 fuse load switch

Fuse switches 20-630A

Katko KEM-1024x1024 safety switch.png

Safety switches 10-1600A for all applications


  • Compact size

  • DIN rail installation

  • 3-pole 4-pole KU switches

  • 2-pole available on request

  • The 6 and 8 poles can be connected to two 3-pole or 4-pole poles with a modular KIT

  • The contacts of the switches are silver-plated to ensure safe and long-term use

  • 4-pole switches "early-make and late-break" neutral.

  • Suitable handles KL10 and KL11

  • Rods L = 100/200/300 AD11 and L = 100/200/300 AD11 / VT

  • Tested according to IEC 60947-3

  • CCC certificate available, on request

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